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Dave Barkshire is a huge name in the Norfolk motorcycling world and has been in business for over 28 years now.

All this success is down to a Bobby Charlton's Football game! Believe it or not, if it wasn't broken, Dave would never have entered the big wide world of motorcycles.

In his early teens, Dave went to visit his Father in Norwich and they discovered that his favourite game was broken. Back then it wasn't a case of going to buy a new one, so they decided to try and fix it. Off they went to a local motorbike dealership, VJ Austin, to find a new ball bearing. The young Mr Barkshire was so struck with the workshop that he asked for a job and started there that Saturday morning. That is where the passion started and did nothing but grew over the next 28 years.

The job offered him something to focus on and kept him out of trouble on the streets. He soon learnt to strip down and build motorbikes from their components and make repairs. He even build his first ride, a Honda C90 a few years later.

He remembers being at home with his two younger sisters and younger brother thinking that he didn't want to be poor. He knew that there were people out there making money and with his sheer determination is was going to make a better life for himself and his family.

He spent about 9 years in various yards around Norwich but became disillusioned by his former employers who started to loose there focus on the customer and aim for the hard sell. With this in mind, he packed up his job in 1983 and with help from his brothers loans he opened his first workshop in Lenwade, Norwich using a compressor and hydraulic bench that he still uses today.

“I was passionate about motorcycling, it wasn't just a job to me. The work I did was a reflection of me as a person and I felt people weren't being treated the way they should be, so I decided to go on my own to give that kind of service. I think we give our customers the personal touch and it must be working as we are still here a quarter of a century later!”

Dave has become an established part of the “old school” motorbike dealers in the city and as a proud father of 5 is delighted that 2 of his children and taking an interest and both race regularly.

He says it's a real passion for him. “You've got to want to ride, you've got to look at the thrill of riding a motorbike! I love riding my bikes.”

The business is now based on Rackheath Industrial Estate near Norwich and currently employs four staff. However, they are now looking for bigger premises to cope with the ever growing demand. It's all evidence that the personal approach has been a success.

His success offers an inspiring story to others who may not be born into wealth or opportunity. It just proves that if you have the passion, drive and determination you can succeed.

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